Know your Steak…we do

Sirloin or rump? What’s your cut? Sirloin is more marbled, making it a very succulent cut, whereas rump is the leaner option and, some might argue, has a bit more flavour.

Either way, it’s your choice with our Lunch Like a Boss special. 200g Sirloin or 200g rump with your choice of side for only R95.

Yes, when it comes to steak, we know our stuff and if the above isn’t proof enough, here are some more steak facts.

Always grilled, never fried

There is no debate when it comes to this one. Ask any top chef and they’ll tell you that you ALWAYS grill a steak. Grilling instantly seals the meat, retaining all that juicy flavour and allowing it to cook more evenly.

Stick to the tongs

And whatever you end up using, never ever use a fork! If you pierce the meat the juices will escape, which means you’ll end up with a dry and flavourless steak.

As a matter of fact, you should touch your steak as little as possible, because every time you touch and move it, there’s a good chance you’re losing some of that juicy goodness. Real pros turn their steak once before taking it off the grill and if your timing is right it’ll be cooked to perfection.

If it sticks, leave it alone

If your steak is sticking to the grill, it’s trying to tell you something. Don’t move me! I’m not ready! Once it’s sealed it’ll move easily, so don’t force it or, again, risk losing those juices.

Let it rest

Let your steak rest for half the time you cooked it. This allows the meat to relax and the juices to spread evenly throughout the cut. Don’t do it and you’ll end up with a piece of meat that’s somewhat tougher and probably raw in the middle.

There you go, some legendary advice that’ll ensure you get that steak just right. On second thought, don’t risk it. Just book your table and let us take care of it.