Let’s face it: modern life often gets in the way of social commitments. Between professional, personal and academic commitments, there’s very little time to catch up with an old friend or do something special for your sweetheart.

That’s what makes date nights so special – it’s time away from the daily grind to unwind with a friend or keep the spark alive in your relationship.

A date night done right can do just that and by keeping these dos and don’ts in mind, you’re sure to get it right every time.  

Give your undivided attention

Tonight’s about you and your date, so no distractions. That means no texting or scrolling through your favourite influencer’s Instagram profile. Your attention will be divided, which means less time for the two of you. Place your phone face down on the table, and only respond to calls that might be really important.

Choose your location wisely

The whole point of a date is to connect with the person on the other end of the table, and that doesn’t happen without proper communication. So, don’t go to a club or bar where you’ll have to shout at each other. Rather opt for a quieter setting. A restaurant is always a good choice. Also, make sure it’s a nice one; a place with a classy and warm atmosphere, that offers good service and good food.   

Make everything, even the meal, an experience

You’ve found the perfect restaurant, one that caters to experiences like this. You’re sharing a nice bottle of wine, enjoyed some great appetisers and now the question becomes: what’s the main course? You could each choose your own meal, but what could be more intimate than sharing one with your date? But, this again comes down to choosing the right restaurant.

Maybe we should pause here and acknowledge that all of this is starting to sound like a lot of work and you’re not wrong. But, there is a way to make things easier: simply book a table at your local Turn ‘n Tender on a Tuesday. Here, the dining experience is always a cut above the rest and you’re guaranteed the perfect setting, great food, exceptional service and an award-winning wine list to match.

But why on a Tuesday? Because that’s when we’re offering our Tender Tuesdays special, which is a 700g sirloin, with 2 sides, 2 sauces and a bottle of Robertson Wine for only R495. Not keen on wine? Enjoy your sirloin, sides and sauces with no spirits for R395.

Now that’s a definite do, wouldn’t you say? So, let us take care of date night, while you focus on what’s important.